From Vision to Revelation: The Kundalini Odyssey

Charting the Uncharted Territories, We present to you the Kundalini Narrative


Our Pioneering Journey in Herbal Wellness


Founded in 2018, our journey began with an exceptional vision – to delve into the realms of naturopathy, Ayurveda, and herbal wisdom. Despite diverse engineering and entrepreneurial backgrounds, our shared passion for holistic well-being ignited a pursuit to uncover the hidden treasures of nature. The synergy of our diverse expertise converged, fueling our quest to unravel the profound potential of herbs….


Intrigued by the legacy of Ayurveda, we embarked on a transformative journey. Our path led us to connect with revered professors, Ayurveda experts, and generations of Charaka practitioners who once served in the grand palaces of ancient India. Through rigorous research and dedicated learning, we unearthed a profound truth – nature holds the keys to miraculous healing. While modern Ayurveda touches the surface, we were determined to delve deeper, discovering pearls of wisdom beneath the ocean’s foam.


Years of unwavering commitment yielded insights that resonated deeply – certain herbs held the power to revive and rejuvenate the human body from within. With this revelation, Kundalini was born. Pioneering as the world’s first, we introduced formula-based Herbal Teas, each blend meticulously crafted to offer targeted relief. From everyday discomforts to even formidable ailments like tumors, our teas encapsulated the essence of ancient wisdom and modern science, presenting a unique fusion that heralds a new era of herbal wellness.

Our expertise

Ayurveda Afficionado

Meet our revered Ayurveda Aficionado, a visionary with deep-rooted knowledge in holistic wellness. With a history steeped in traditional Ayurvedic practices, they seamlessly bridge ancient wisdom with modern perspectives. Armed with a lineage of Ayurvedic experts, their expertise ensures that our blends are not just concoctions, but carefully curated remedies backed by centuries of tradition and healing efficacy.

Botanical Alchemy

Introducing Botanical Alchemy, where herbs are transformed into potent elixirs. Our skilled artisans, known as Herbal Alchemists, blend herbs with precision, crafting remedies that resonate with individual needs. This vertical embodies the art of combining nature's treasures, harnessing their inherent powers to create blends that transcend conventional remedies.

Ancient Wisdom Keepers

Say hello to the Ancient Wisdom Keeper, a guardian of quality and tradition in Kundalini. Armed with knowledge passed down through generations, they oversee the intricate art of processing, infusion, and temperature control. Their expertise ensures that each blend is a testament to ancient techniques, creating teas that are not just beverages, but a bridge to centuries-old wisdom and well-being.

Crafting Excellence: Award-Winning Quality in Every Cup

At Kundalini, we set the gold standard in quality assurance, where every step of our process is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our labs and manufacturing units have been recognized with licenses, both USFDA & EU Health standards, is  standing as a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering the finest.

From sourcing the freshest herbs to implementing cutting-edge techniques, our award-winning facilities ensure that each blend is a masterpiece of precision.

We leave no stone unturned in upholding the highest quality standards, transforming nature’s bounty into a symphony of flavors and wellness. With each sip of our teas, you taste the craftsmanship that has earned us acclaim in the world of herbal alchemy.

"I'm a great fan of Kundalini, ever since i found relief for arthritis and severe join pains. Their solution for inflammatory issues is simply wonderful !"

Sarah Jones

"Heart Care Teas have helped me relieve blocks and strengthen the arteries. Im able to walk and lead my life normally, thanks to Kundalini"

John Halls